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  • February 2, 2022
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GroupTools is ideal for planning a group trip to Broadway

GroupTools is ideal for planning a group trip to Broadway

Every year, audiences flock to New York's theater district to enjoy world-class productions and spending an evening on Broadway makes for an ideal group trip. While taking a group to see a show may seem like a simple endeavor, organizing your Broadway experience involves much more than just purchasing theater tickets.

By using GroupTools, group leaders can reduce the workload and stress involved in putting together a successful Broadway trip. Through our partnership with Broadway Inbound, GroupTools ensures a fun, easy, and fast experience from selecting the perfect show for your group to purchasing your tickets and beyond.

Easy Broadway Group Planning

If you’re in that pre-planning phase and need to purchase your tickets, click here to explore the available shows from Broadway Inbound. If you’ve requested your tickets and you're ready to plan your trip in GroupTools, here's how to get started in a few simple steps:

Your First Step: Share Your Order Details

After you have purchased your tickets, the first step to setting up the event page for your Broadway group trip is to share your Broadway Inbound order details with GroupTools. We will automatically create your event based on your order, what could be easier?

Your Broadway Inbound Order Creates a Basic Broadway Group Event for You

Your Second Step: Customize Your Event

With your event page created and ready to go, you have the opportunity to customize your event and tailor it for your group. You can easily edit your event to provide a custom image and description for your group and adding on features to enhance your Broadway group trip, such as dinner, transportation, and accommodations, takes just a few clicks. 

Its east to customize your Broadway Group trip in GroupTools

Your Third Step: Invite Your Group Members

You are now ready to invite your group members to your Broadway group trip to turn it from pending status to active in GroupTools. As your group sends in responses to your invitations, GroupTools will automatically track the status of each RSVP for you and keep your attendance details organized. As well, if your group members add guests, GroupTools will keep them organized with the group member who added them making it easy to plan for seating.

GroupTools automatically tracks the attendance of your Broadway Group trip

Your Fourth Step: Collect Payments

As the leader for a group trip to Broadway, you’re responsible for providing the payment for your group's tickets to Broadway Inbound. Traditionally, collecting payments from group members was one of the most difficult tasks in planning your trip but, with GroupTools, it’s now one of the easiest. Connecting to a payment processor is simple and allows you to accept online credit/debit card and echeck payments for your event. For professionals planning a Broadway group trip, we offer a connection to Stripe, for social planners, WePay is offered, and any group organizer can set up instructions for an Alternate payment processor of their choice. As well, payment reminders are automated and taken care of for you, removing stress from the process.

GroupTools makes getting paid for your Broadway group trip a breeze

Planning with GroupTools only takes four fast, fun, and easy steps to make the experience of organizing a Broadway group trip the best it can be. However, it offers even more features to enhance your planning.

Enhance Your Broadway Group Planning Experience

One of the best parts of seeing a Broadway show as a group is being able to share the experience together. GroupTools makes it easy to share the experience from the moment you start planning. 

Plan Together

If there are multiple people organizing your Broadway group trip, it’s easy to plan together in GroupTools. You can add additional group leaders to your event and use GroupTools to plan together. Each group leader can help customize the event, communicate with group members, and more for the ultimate in easy collaborative group planning.

Get Your Group Involved

To make sure that everyone has a night to remember on your Broadway trip, get your group involved. With GroupTools, you can easily survey your group members before an event to choose your show or add surveys to your existing Broadway event to give your group a voice in organizing the additional activities around your show.

Keep in Contact

GroupTools offers built in messaging options that make it easy to keep in contact with your group. All communications go through both the GroupTools application and email ensuring that your groups messages will reach the right recipient at the time it’s sent be it before, during, and after the event. This is the perfect way to not only keep your group informed of important details for attending such as the COVID-19 requirements for attending a Broadway Show but to also send fun updates and reminders to keep your group excited for your trip.

You'll have more time to enjoy your Broadway group trip when you plan with GroupTools

Get Started in GroupTools

No matter which show your group chooses to attend, GroupTools is here to provide you with the best possible planning experience for your Broadway group trip. Need tips on purchasing tickets for your trip? Click here. Ready to get started in GroupTools? Jump right into your planning today.

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