• A Product of Lockdata TechnologiesThe GroupTools Advantage

    GroupTools was created by the folks at LockData Technologies. Our leadership team boasts over 40 years of combined experience running group sales companies and building custom software solutions for those businesses. This deep expertise ensures that GroupTools is finely tuned to meet the unique challenges and opportunities faced by group sales professionals.
  • Built for Your Group JourneyGroups Made Easy

    The foundation of GroupTools is an innovative event planning framework designed to support the entire Group Ticketing ecosystem. From simplifying the group sales process to providing tools for efficient planning, GroupTools is your key to making group events easy.
  • Always ImprovingLaunched in 2018

    GroupTools embarked on its journey in 2018, with a commitment to continuous development and improvement. Our platform evolves to meet the dynamic needs of Suppliers, Group Leaders, and Attendees, ensuring a seamless group booking and planning experience at every stage of each trip.