Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to commonly asked questions about GroupTools and gain comprehensive insights to kickstart your journey with these GroupTools FAQs.

All Things GroupTools
1What is GroupTools?
GroupTools is your ultimate companion for elevating the experience of managing ticketed group events. It's a comprehensive platform designed to simplify the entire process of planning, organizing, and managing group events seamlessly. Whether you're coordinating a group trip for friends, family, or colleagues, GroupTools offers a suite of intuitive features to enhance every aspect of the journey.
2How does GroupTools help Group Organizers?
GroupTools helps group organizers by providing an easy framework for their group trips and events, online payment collection options, unified communication options, and contact management. Essentially, we give each group leader everything they need to manage their group in one simple place.
3How does GroupTools help Group Suppliers?
GroupTools helps group suppliers by giving them easy ways to better manage their group packages, simplify group selling, boost group engagement, and by providing insight into their group sales journey.
4How does GroupTools help Attendees (Group Members)?
GroupTools helps your group members by providing them a simple way to RSVP, manage, and pay for group trips and events they are attending.
5How does GroupTools work?
Easily! Simply log-in to GroupTools, create a group trip or event and invite your group members.
6Which automatic emails are sent to my Attendees (Group Members)?
RSVP due date reminders, Payment Due Reminders, and Upcoming Event Reminders are all automatically sent to your attendees/group members for you.
7Does GroupTools have a Mobile App?
While GroupTools does not have a mobile app, the web-based group travel app is fully responsive and optimized on mobile so that you can use it anywhere, at any time, and from any device.
8Does GroupTools offer a White-Label Solution?
At this time GroupTools does not offer a white label solution however, there are still plenty of ways to manage your branding and brand identity on trips and events created within GroupTools.