New to GroupTools? Find the answer to frequently asked questions and all you need to know to get started.

GroupTools is a software platform built for simplified group planning and management.

GroupTools helps group organizers by providing an easy framework for their group trips and events, online payment collection options, unified communication options, and contact management. Essentially, we give group organizers everything they need to manage their group in one simple place.

GroupTools helps group suppliers by giving them easy ways to better manage their group packages, simplify group selling, boost group engagement, and by providing insight into their group sales journey.

GroupTools helps your group members by providing them a simple way to RSVP, manage, and pay for group trips and events they are attending.

When using GroupTools, you get features for easy event creation and customization, communications, online payments, and group trip/event reporting. For more in-depth details on GroupTools features, visit or click the For Organizers option in the navigation above.

Easily! Simply log-in to GroupTools, create a trip or event and invite your group members.

RSVP due date reminders, Payment Due Reminders, and Upcoming Event Reminders are all automatically sent to your attendees/group members for you.

While GroupTools does not have a mobile app, the web-based application is fully responsive and optimized on mobile so that you can use it anywhere, at anytime, and from any device.

Yes, currently GroupTools is a free service.

At this time GroupTools does not offer a white label solution however, there are still plenty of ways to manage your branding and brand identity on trips and events created within GroupTools.