Enhance Your Group Ticket Sales with GroupTools

  • February 10, 2022
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For ticketed attractions and events, group sales are an important revenue stream, since marketing geared towards groups can increase attendance and improve profits. A strong group program is key to avoiding slow ticket sales and that takes much more than just offering group discounts in today's sales and marketing landscape.

Better Group Ticket Sales

The role of your group leaders is not simply to act as the point of contact for your group sales managers, but also to recruit, promote, and generate interest in your product. Therefore, offering them incentives in planning with your venue is paramount to your group sales success. The introduction of GroupTools is a great way for ticketed attractions and venues to add value to their group programs by giving leaders a simple way to promote their groups and collect payments. As well as providing increased control of and insight into your group customer's journey to your sales team.

Group Sales Team Benefits

By utilizing GroupTools your sales team can take control of how your brand is presented by your group leaders.

Customized Group Sales Offers

It's easy to build group templates that perfectly promote your business, regardless of whether you are selling a single ticketed product or bundled offer. When you have easy ways to offer multiple options, locations, and prices, as well as options to create pre-set templates or custom events based on your group agreements, you'll be able to appeal to every buyer and convert more bookings. You can also add extras, add-ons, and more to any event you create in GroupTools, so you'll never miss an upsell.

Increased Group Leader Engagement

As well, you'll be able to monitor how often your organizer interacts with your event and their group throughout the group booking process, providing you with the information needed to drive group sales forward. This provides an opportunity to engage with your group organizers, creating a crucial touchpoint in your group sales process.

Accurate Group Sales Estimates

In addition to giving you insight into your group leader's activity level, your dashboard provides you with accurate data on group buyers who have opted in and those who are still deciding, so you always know how your groups are pacing. Additionally, you can easily track the total payment for each of your group bookings as payments are submitted, keeping key financial information at your fingertips. This allows your sales team to have more accurate projections and adjust their campaigns and offers in order to meet and exceed their sales targets.

Group Leader Benefits

With GroupTools, you provide your group leaders with a comprehensive set of planning and management tools for their group. Even though your sales department probably utilizes CRMs for contact management, email marketing programs, and e-commerce platforms for online ticketing sales, your average group leader likely uses outdated and unconnected manual methods of planning.

Add Value for Your Group Leaders

With GroupTools, your group leaders can plan like a pro as the app has simplified accessible features for all of the functions involved in group planning. In addition to inviting and managing their group members easily, sending customized online invitations that track responses for them, presenting their itinerary professionally, and having event marketing tools available at all times, they enjoy the ability to collect their payments online 24/7, all directly from the GroupTools event your team provides them.

Giving your group leaders' ability to sell to their groups similar to the way your own sales team does is a major added value item that will distinguish you from your competition, and which your group leaders will surely love.

Effortless Integration

Integrating GroupTools into your group program is simple and takes only three steps:

One: Create Your Group Event Template

Creating an event is the first step to building a template in GroupTools. You’re provided with a simple guided form to complete that will customize an event page to reflect your group sales offering.

Once the basic form is completed you will have the ability to add additional features for packages, multiple options for different pricing tiers, and any added value items you want to offer. You’re also able to set a main event image for your template along with an image for each feature you add which provides you with multiple places to include your branding.

Once the event is created, you have a single click option to convert that event to a template allowing you to use it for as many group leaders as you need. There’s also no limit to the number of templates you can create making it easy to manage all your group offers in one place.

Two: Provide an Event to Your Group Leaders

When you’re ready to provide an event to your group leader you have two simple options. You can opt to transfer the template to your group leader and allow them to put in their own event dates or for greater control, you can select to create an event for your group leader where they are provided a complete event with all dates pre-populated for them. Whichever route you choose, the transfer process couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your group leaders’ email to provide them with the event.

Three: Gain Group Insight and Engage Group Leaders

As we mentioned above, your dashboard provides you with all the details into how each of your groups are pacing in real time. You can see every transferred event, their dates, group leader, and details all from one single panel. This provides the ideal place for your sales team to plan their outreach and tasks to keep your group leaders on track.

Increase Your Group Sales with GroupTools Today

GroupTools is ready to be the game-changer for your group sales program. In as little as an hour, we’ll have your supplier account set up and your group sales team will be ready to enhance your group sales process with GroupTools. Visit https://grouptools.com/for-suppliers and complete the form to get started today.

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