Three Ways GroupTools Can Help Your Business

  • September 26, 2019
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Team GroupTools recently attended the TriTix conference and loved hearing about the innovations being made in ticketing. It was so exciting being in a room with a group of ticketing professionals all striving to improve the customer’s experience when buying and attending events.

GroupTools was proud to tell those present about all we are doing to help group leaders better organize and collect payments from their groups. Today, we’d like to talk about how GroupTools can help your business by solving common problems many have when dealing with groups.

  • We keep group buying easy for smaller planners. We all want to invite different groups to engage with our business or attraction but often smaller group planners need a little more hand-holding. With GroupTools, we can take care of the planning the moment we come in contact with a group leader and we start by helping them build an itinerary.
  • We solve the “multiple payment” problem. We understand what an arduous process it can be collecting payment for a group from multiple individuals Often, by the time groups need to make their final payment, they will need to decrease the size of their group or can end up cancelling their visit all together. We take an invoice, build a link and make it easy for planners to not only push out their group plans but make it easy for every participant to pay in.
  • We send you new customers. Often, when group leaders discover GroupTools, they may start booking a show and end up wanting to add on a museum or a restaurant or other unique experiences to their itinerary. We are the one-stop shop where a group can find your organization and be kept “top of mind” for group planners in our catalog of events. It’s free and easy to have us add your organization to the roster. And when we have the information from individuals on a group trip, we can provide that information to you so you can send along a “thank you” or a special offer to come and visit again.

Now that you see all we can do, start using GroupTools to expand your group business. Try us now for free! Visit today or email our Product Development Consultant, Adriana Vargas to learn more at: [email protected].

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