Convert more group bookings and increase customer engagement.

For suppliers, groups remain a vital source of income for theater, attractions, restaurants and other ticketed events. As sales strategies have evolved, the "best practices" for handling group sales remain stagnant. Technology is not being used to fix the problems faced in group travel or to empower group planners.

GroupTools for Suppliers

GroupTools for Suppliers. Solve The Challenges of Group Bookings

Connect with Planners and Generate New Leads

Finding new business remains a challenge in the group sales market. By listing your business in our Group Experiences Catalog, we connect you with new customers - both casual group planners and travel agents.

Increase Conversion and Get Paid

Time is money. Smaller clients take up more staff time as they organize their groups and payments and revenue is lost when a group is unable to collect payments from their members and end up cancelling their group or reducing their group size. We keep group buying easy for smaller planners and solve the “multiple payment” problem for you by offering a simple, easy to use solution for the planner.

Increase Awareness of Your Brand in the Group Market

As a supplier with GroupTools, we will put your brand in the spotlight. You have the opportunity to be featured in content marketing and advertising initiatives that we put spend behind to actively promote.

Getting started is simple!

Contact us today and we will set up your catalog page, start preparing featured content, and set up a time to train your team on how GroupTools for suppliers can help your customer.

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