Convert More Groups and Increase Engagement

Groups remain a vital source of income for destinations as well as theater, sports, attractions, restaurants, and other ticketed events. GroupTools helps you keep group-buying easy for your organizers and solves your supplier-side challenges of group booking.

Digital-enabled sales interactions are key in the group booking market.

Embrace the Shift to Digital

As sales strategies have evolved, the "best practices'' for handling group sales remain stagnant. Technology is not being used to fix the problems faced in group travel or to empower group organizers.

Digitally-enabled sales interactions are twice as important to today’s customers as traditional sales interactions. Embrace the digital shift and let GroupTools transform your group sales and booking process for the better.

How It Works

GroupTools makes it easy to craft custom group packages.

Craft Your Packages

Quickly and easily create templates
that you can provide to your organizers
to promote your business

When you transfer an event to your organizers, you’re also providing them with a full suite of planning and management tools for their group.

Transfer Events

Enter your group organizers’ email
then complete a simple one-click process
to provide them with the event.

GroupTools provides real time insight on all your group booking activities.

Gain Group Insight

See real-time statistics for each of your group
bookings with up to the second tallies on
activity, attendance, and payments.

Safe Group Booking Solution

GroupTools provides a safe, contactless solution for group sales and group booking. When you use GroupTools not only are you keeping your team secure and providing your group organizers a safer way to plan, you’re also gaining a powerful tool that can be used to effortlessly manage:

  • Waivers and Release Forms
  • Vaccine Passports
  • Accurate Contact Tracing

GroupTools provides a safe, contactless solution for group sales and group booking.

How GroupTools Can Help

Let's get started


Get Featured

In addition to the sales tools provided in our application, when you become a supplier with GroupTools, we will put your brand in the spotlight. All suppliers receive a listing in our informational Group Experiences Catalog, placing your group booking information and sales contacts in front of all of our group organizers. You also have the opportunity to be featured in our content marketing initiatives and electronic direct mail campaigns.

Getting started with GroupTools is simple. Contact us today and In as little as an hour our team will have your account ready and your team trained. We’ll also set up your group experience listing and start planning your featured content today.

Transform Your Group Sales Process

Get in touch with our community success team today to see how GroupTools can work for you. Our team will walk you through the flow and answer any questions in a custom demo.