Planning Group Travel? Ditch the Spreadsheets!

  • September 20, 2021
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Happy young woman with tablet and map indoors at home, planning grouptrip.

Kick Your Travel Planning Up A Notch (Or Two) By Leveraging Group Travel Planning Software

Happy young woman with tablet and map indoors at home working on group travel planning.

There is no denying that good ol’ Excel and using spreadsheets to plan, organize, and create reports is an integral part of many organizations. But let’s face it; when it comes to group trip organizing or travel planning in general, spreadsheets can become your biggest downfall in more ways than just one. 

Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello Group Travel Software

All in all, even if you are an expert in Excel, spreadsheets are highly error-prone and time-consuming, even when using complex formulas. Furthermore, setting up automatic reminders is a downright pain, syncing to a payment system is near impossible, and they can waste exceptional amounts of energy to manage. And to be a little bit petty, they are not very appealing or exciting to look at. 

So, what’s your alternative? 

The answer is very easy. Overall, if you want to have a seamless, successful, and fun group travel planning experience every time, then ditch the spreadsheets and go with group travel planning software instead. And here’s why...

The Benefits of Software Over Spreadsheets

More Automation: One of the leading perks of group travel planning software is that it enables you to spend less time performing manual entries and more time getting excited about your upcoming trip. No more having to manually manage RSVPs, personally navigating through separate platforms to address payments, or needing to have an eagle-eye to spot the probability of human-made errors. 

Fast And Easy Reminders: It was briefly mentioned above how syncing spreadsheets with your email for reminders is a long, tortuous, and error-rich process. This is where group travel planning software shines once again, as it allows you to skip this ordeal and still get those automated reminders and notifications you have been wanting. In short, there are so many other things you could be doing with your time than fiddling with this, and group travel software can help you to do just that. 

Flexible and Organized: Another reason to go with software that optimizes group trip organizing is for the mere fact that these tools are flexible and organized travel planning machines. Group travel planning software is equipped to help you plan any trip you are seeking to venture on and do so without having to add any extra coordination steps (like phone calls) in-between. All you need to do is follow along with the A to B process within your software and watch as your plans become neatly structured into an organized, gap-proof itinerary.

It’s Enjoyable!: Saved time, money, and energy aside using travel organizing software can bring back that long-lost joy to the planning scene. It is not to say that spreadsheets can't be enjoyable, but they do add several extra adverse layers to the mix that tend to strip away the joy factor of going on an amazing trip. Taking those struggles away with the progressive steps of travel planning software, you’ll feel much less weight on your shoulders - inevitably giving you the freedom to soak in that pre-trip excitement instead of it being masked by stress. 

The Smarter Way to Manage Group Travel 

While spreadsheets are a wonderful asset that can provide tons of budgeting, reporting, and forecasting advantages for many projects, when it comes to group trip organizing and travel planning, that’s where its value tends to be a bit lackluster.  Luckily, you can bypass those spreadsheet hassles by simply going with a group travel planning software instead. 

Built to bring the fun back into travel planning, GroupTools is here to make the process straightforward, successful, and a whole lot less daunting. In the end, the choice on how you want to pursue group trip organizing is entirely up to you. But if you truly want to save time and gain the right tools to spearhead travel planning objectives, then it is no secret that leveraging GroupTools is the smartest way to make that happen. Visit to learn more or jump right into your planning today.

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