"Working with GroupTools has been a game changer for booking specific group types! Having an option for group organizers to opt out of collecting money personally has made booking groups easier and more efficient. The GroupTools team has been incredibly responsive and any issues that may arise have been resolved almost immediately." - Group Sales, The Hanover Theatre

Embrace Group Ticketing Solutions

  • Effortless Group Booking
  • Boost Conversions, Fill Seats Faster
  • Expand Your Reach & Attract More Groups
  • Gain Valuable Insights & Optimize Your Strategy
  • Dedicated Support at Your Fingertips

Proven Use Cases

Revolutionize group ticketing operations in your venues with GroupTools. Discover how this comprehensive solution empowers venue management teams, enhances group experiences, and provides invaluable insights for strategic decision-making. Say goodbye to disjointed processes and hello to seamless coordination across departments.

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Join us as we venture into the realm of group sales agents and witness firsthand the transformative power of GroupTools. Delve into a world where operations are streamlined and time is saved, allowing agents to devote their energy to nurturing relationships and igniting sales growth with ease and efficiency.

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Unlock the potential of seamless social group management with GroupTools. From streamlined invitations to real-time RSVP tracking and secure online payments, empower your leadership, elevate member experiences, and foster deeper connections while creating unforgettable moments.

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Step into the spotlight with GroupTools and experience social group participation like never before. From seamless RSVPs to effortless ticket purchasing, empower your event attendees with an intuitive platform designed for inclusivity, convenience, and real-time engagement.

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Explore Features that Empower Effortless Group Experiences

With GroupTools, you can customize itineraries, send invitations easily, promote events, communicate effectively with your group, and effortlessly manage online payments, all in one place, saving you time and energy.

Simplify Group Organization at Every Level

Organizers can create and manage all aspects of their events on one platform. Participants can easily manage their attendance. Venues can sell more group tickets with GroupTools and track their sales easily. No matter your role, GroupTools handles all your group event needs with ease, making group event management hassle-free and easy.