Organize better group events

GroupTools, built for group leaders, suppliers and attendees; is an easy way to plan, manage and attend group events.

Key Features:

  • Survey potential guests
  • Easily create and manage your group events
  • Communicate with group members
  • Securely collect payments online

Take the work and worry out of organizing group events

Manage your groups from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

GroupTools focuses on the experience for both group organizers and their participants. As a group organizer you have full control over the way your groups are managed. Manage your group from anywhere, anytime, on any device and capture invitation responses and payments instantly. GroupTools is a platform built to help organizers easily collaborate and manage group events which reduces overall administrative costs.

This will totally revolutionize group travel and the way we maintain control over our groups! Additionally, the invitation process is by far the best idea yet!

Kathryn H.
Travel Katz

Start using GroupTools today

Use the tools that will help you organize your events more efficiently and effectively. Getting started has never been easier.

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