2022 Group Travel Trends Predictions

  • January 5, 2022
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2022 Offers a World of Possible Group Travel Trends

With the fun and excitement that surfaces from tourism and traveling, it stands to reason why people love forecasting group travel trends. After all, predicting the future of anything (though quite tricky to nail down perfectly) is usually an exciting challenge to take on. But if there is one thing for sure, group travel trends have undeniably seen some foundation-shaking changes over the last couple of years. 

2022 Offers a World of Possible Group Travel Trends

A New Year of Trends

Forecasting for group planning trends in 2022 is an intriguing topic to dive into. Each year brings with it a new set of trends that will inevitably shape the group trip industry as a whole, and below is a list of the most probable ones for 2022 based on past trends, present desires, and future demands. 

Long-Distance Domestic Group Planning Overtakes International

According to a Cision study, 59% of their respondents plan on booking a long-distance trip in the year 2022. In addition, 62% of them stated that they plan on doing so more than once, with the average stay being 5-7 nights vs. 3-night average in 2020/2021. In a nutshell, most people had been embarking on staycations during the uncertain times, but are now slowly integrating back into fulfilling their wanderlust sides beyond familiar borders. While 2021 saw this push branching out into a return of International travel, with evolutions in the Covid-19 Pandemic and new variants adding restrictions once again, domestic travel will once again take the lead.

The Use of Technology is a sure fire Group Travel Trend for 2022 and beyond

Technology will Remain Essential 

The demand for enhanced travel technology is only going to continue within the tourism space for a variety of reasons, but the main reason in 2022 is to increase confidence in travel. According to the Rebuild Travel Digital Health Survey, U.S. travelers are most concerned with mobile apps that provide on-the-go notifications and alerts (46%), and contactless mobile payments as well as mobile ticketing and boarding technologies (38%).

From reducing human touch to optimizing safety to being able to render contactless payments right from your phone, technology has changed the world of group travel for the better. Web-based apps, such as GroupTools, that combine fully contactless group travel planning, real-time group messaging with email alerts on the go, online group payments, and simple touchless document distribution are key to making group travel safe and accessible in 2022.

Preferred Group Trip Experiences in 2022

People are itching to get back into the group traveling scene, but what makes 2022 interesting is the types of travel experiences that are predicted to dominate. Aside from the notable demand for cleanliness, advanced technology, security, and safety, there could very well be a shift in desired destinations. 

The same Cision study mentioned above found that 58% of travelers are seeking more outdoor experiences rather than trips to populated cities in 2022. The funny part is that this shift is not necessarily due to covid fears and restrictions, but more due to the desire for wellness and relaxation instead of hustle. Forecasting a little more, cities might be on the back burner in 2022 with nature taking a front seat, but that might just swap again in 2023.

Beyond just sustainability 2022 is making a push for active ecotourism as a Group Travel Trend

Sustainability Continues To Pioneer 

Sustainability has been a fundamental topic and factor that has been heavily bleeding into the travel industry in recent years including being a defining travel trend in 2021, and for good reason. Not only is this ongoing trend a highlight of human values, but one that can significantly roadmap a healthier future and it is predicted that 2022 will help strengthen that eco-commitment even more.  

Going hand and hand with the increased demand for outdoor destinations is a push towards active ecotourism. Three-quarters of respondents to a recent Amadeus survey believe that opportunities for travelers themselves to play a part in preserving tourist destinations will help make the industry more sustainable and a quick search will find many headlines promoting destinations where groups can be actively involved in sustainability efforts as an activity on their trips. 

From Recovery Mode to Rebound 

The year 2022 is just beyond the horizon, and the closer it approaches, the more light that sheds onto what the future has in store for group planning. Overall, sustainability, safety measures, and certain travel restrictions will likely remain intact, but there is good evidence that it will also be coupled with an uptick in long-distance travel and people not putting off their dream group trip vacations any longer. There is a strong chance that the year 2022 will be the full-on rebound year that it is predicted to be. Let GroupTools be a part of your group travel rebound in 2022. GroupTools is here to simplify your planning process and make it safe and stress-free. Visit www.GroupTools.com to learn more or jump right into your planning today.

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