The Top 3 Reasons to Go as a Group on Your Next Trip

  • August 12, 2019
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Group of Friends on Trip to New York

Group of Friends on Trip to New York

There are a million reasons doing things as a group can be great!

Would you love to share a special experience with your family? When was the last time you enjoyed an adventure among friends? Or maybe your team needs to get out of Dodge to be re-inspired? Here are our top three reasons to go as a group on your next trip. 

1. Group Discounts

Do you often find yourself exploring destinations and experiences, reading travel blog after travel blog, and scrolling through a social feed filled with inspiration for your dream vacation only to check your bank account and be snapped back to reality? You’re not alone! By the numbers: According to research by Skift, 59% of travelers cited money as their main barrier to travel in 2019. Group discounts can help to break that barrier.

  • We hear it said daily in advertisements, “buy more, save more” and when it comes to travelling in a group, it’s most certainly true. Hotels, Resorts, Airlines, and Attractions typically offer group discounts that often are a better rate than their best individual promotion.
  • In addition to your already discounted group rate, many of these suppliers include added value items specifically for groups. Welcome packets, group photo ops, planning services, and more await you, but not your wallet.
  • Did somebody say free? Many accommodation providers offer a complimentary stay for the planner that brings them a large group and a zero cost room always fits in the budget!
2. Unique Exclusive Experiences

When it comes to travel, the old adage rings true, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” By the numbers: 62% of travelers, myself included, want to come back from their trip having experienced something new. Traveling as a group can afford you one of a kind experiences that aren’t available to the solo traveler.

  • Special private tours are often on offer for groups at some top tier attractions! For example: The Metropolitan Museum of Art has intimate ‘Empty Met’ Tours and The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum hosts overnight group experiences. Check with your attractions of choice and see what they have on offer just for groups. 
  • Is the place your staying or an attraction you’re visiting also an event venue? Check out options for private dining or hosting a party there just for your group! Many restaurants also offer special private dining options and group exclusive menus.
  • Beyond the tour and event experiences, groups can also find exclusive activity and adventure programs, private classes, and more. Even places you’ve been many times before are likely to have new experiences for you when you visit them with a group.
3. Social Bonding

It’s hard to miss how important social interaction is to our culture and the benefits it holds for each of us. It’s one of the cornerstones of our everyday life so, why not bring it to the forefront of our travel habits? By the numbers: 75% of travelers love to talk about upcoming vacation plans with family and friends and with 83% preferring to travel with others, group travel is ideal.

  • Collaborative Planning with Group Members takes talking about upcoming vacation plans with friends and family to the next level. You’re not just talking about something you’ll be doing yourself but, something you’ll be doing together. This creates a sense of shared purpose, builds excitement, and makes the planning process more fun!
  • Planning and traveling with a group gives you the chance to experience different perspectives. We all have our bucket list for destinations and activities and incorporating items from each group members list allows the group as a whole to see, do, and experience different things they may never have tried as a solo traveler.
  • When sharing travels and activities with other it changes how you experience your vacation. The social aspect of group travel can maximize the enjoyment you get from your trip as well as strengthen the bonds between you and your group members not only during the trip but for the long haul.

Convinced to make your “plus one” plans more of a “plus fun” experience? From a day trip to the beach to go sailing, to an afternoon of laser tag, or a food tour for friends you will never forget - gather your group and start planning today!

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