Simplify Your Group Sales Process with GroupTools

  • February 20, 2020
  • Victoria Phillips
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Groups are key in this marketplace and as such, group sales need to be an active part of your ticket sales strategy. The traditional model for group sales is fraught with disconnection that leads to less than ideal conversion rates. Group leaders function as the primary recruiters, promoters, and interest generators for group sales but current ticket systems are not offering tools for group leaders to easily and effectively convert their groups. 

We built GroupTools as a solution for this all too common problem. Wave goodbye to unconnected, outdated methods for organizing group trips and events and say “Hello!” to group planning re-imagined! GroupTools makes it simple for your leaders to promote their groups, collect payments and more, all while giving you control over your branding and offers, and insight into your group customer journey. 

The process starts with you creating an event template for your Group Leader to use. Our flexible event creation format allows you to include your branded images and marketing descriptions on each event, ensuring that the event presented meets your brand standards. In addition, features for handling multiple event features as well as multiple seat locations, options, and prices on each feature allow you to offer bundles, packages, upsells, and added value options to each group. Once your event template is complete, it’s a simple process to transfer it over to your Group Leader.

From here your Group Leader can easily add a personal touch to the event, organize any additional features such as transportation to and from your venue, add surveys and forms that their guests need to complete,  import their contacts, send email invitations, and share event links across their social channels. With all the details confirmed and invitations sent, now is the time in the planning process where the group leader turns their attention to payment collection. Once the most awkward and arduous step in the process, GroupTools has simplified this process as well. With trusted 3rd party payment providers and secure payment gateway support through WePay and Stripe, as well as alternate payment method options and automatic payment reminders, the financial flow of the event is handled seamlessly through our application.

When you provide these tools to your Group Leaders, group conversion and engagement can be fast, simple, and successful, and you can watch this  group journey unfold, in real time, right from your GroupTools dashboard. For each Group Leader you’ve sent an event,  you can stay informed on their activity level and frequency as well as keep an eye on attendance with up to the second tallies on how each group is pacing. Additionally, you can also see an overview of payment totals for each event. These key data points allow you to guide your Group Leader along the way and better control your inventory. 

We’d love to help you keep group buying simple for your leaders and their attendees and increase your group sales. Getting started with GroupTools is easy. Implementation is effortless and in as little as an hour your group sales team will be ready to simplify your group sales process with GroupTools. Visit and complete the form to get started today.

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