#GroupForward | Experience the Outdoors during Social Distancing

  • April 14, 2020
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As the coronavirus outbreak has ground daily life to a halt with lockdowns and social distancing, it can feel like you’re isolated from your group and seem like home is the only place you can see. It’s easy to feel disconnected from the outside world and literally outside but, there’s plenty of ways to stay connected. 


We’re all in this together. When we  beat cabin fever and explore the outdoors, we can be in that together too! Group conferencing be it phone, video, chat or other isn’t just for the work at home crowd. These technologies are ideal for helping you #GroupForward and be #AloneTogether. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions for ways you can enjoy being outside while social distancing that are perfect for your quarantine crew and your groups.

Backyard Bustle

Have S’More Fun at Camp Quarantine

If you’re legally and safely able to do so, build a bonfire and sit around it in your backyard. Share stories, have a singalong, roast dinner over the open fire, make s’mores or toasted marshmallows - however you choose to enjoy it, it’s sure to be a fun time. 

If you love the campfire concept you can take it to the next level and set up your very own campsite and activities in your yard. Pitch a Tent, make some homemade yard games and plan activities - this is sure to be a big hit with the whole family.

  • Family Friendly
  • Make it a Group: Ideal for Family, Youth & Scouting Groups

Wine and Dine Al Fresco

Spring has sprung and as the weather brightens up, taking your kitchen outdoors is sure to brighten your spirit and add a breath of fresh air (literally) to one of your essential daily activities. Whether you’re making the rare essentials run to your local grocer for meal plan perfection or working from your pantry staples, it’s the ideal time to add some variety to your diet.

Swap recipes online and share about your or find a tutorial that you and your group members can follow together while on video conference, either way you’ll add a touch of gourmet to your day. Add in a cocktail or mocktail recipe to your regimen and you’re set to enjoy a virtual happy hour before you tuck into your delicious meal.

  • Foodie Favorites
  • Make it a Group: Ideal for Supper Clubs, Cooking Class Fans, and Recipe Swappers

Garden Greats

The quest for the perfect lawn doesn’t have to be a total yawn. Yard work can be fun when you try something new! Food shortages got you down? Grab some seeds, connect with local gardening groups online, and start the journey towards stocking your pantry from your own yard. 

If the idea of gaining a green thumb is a thumbs down from you, consider trying the landscaping life. Seek out some tutorials and gather your group and go through the project process together. You and your group members will definitely be the envy of the neighborhood when your stunning new features are complete. 

  • Home Improvement Hopes
  • Make it a Group: Ideal for DIY and Home Improvement Groups

Local Exploration

If the backyard doesn’t work for you, you can still get some fresh air on a walk, run or bike ride somewhere local (within a few blocks from your house). While most parks have closed down buildings, restrooms and playground areas, much of their green spaces are open and a great way to connect with nature. 

  • Family Friendly, Athletic, Adventurous
  • Make it a group: Where there are green spaces there are often geocaches. Consider joining the world’s largest treasure hunt and hiding geocaches for your group members to find and sharing clues with them along the way. Each group member can hide their own geocache for the others to go out and find. (Just not all at the same time, please!)

If you decide to go the local exploration route, please remember to adhere to the CDC guidelines while on your adventure.

Bring the Outdoors In

If you have to stay indoors, you can still connect and explore! Virtual Tours, Live Streams, and more abound. From National Parks to exotic experiences, you can experience all that the great outdoors has to offer right from your home comfort zone. After your exploration, gather your group online and share the highlights of your virtual journeys in a video chat!

  • Family Friendly, Adventurous, Jet Set
  • Make it a Group: Ideal for Travel Clubs, Explorers, Families, and Friend Groups

Our Favorite Virtual Tours

There are many more gardens and green spaces, wildlife habitats, and more that will let you bring the outdoors in. To find more areas for you and your group to virtually explore, we suggest visiting our friends at WhereTraveler.com. They’ve got top destinations covered and are more resources for you each day.

Group Forward with GroupTools

We hope this article has inspired you to keep connecting and to experience the world around you while social distancing. However you choose to #GroupForward, we’re here to help. Easily send a survey and find the perfect virtual activity for your group, send out invites, and more. Getting started is fast, fun, easy and free. Click here to Login or Register and start planning your next group event.

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