GroupTools for AudienceView

Discover the all-in-one solution that offers a better way to organize groups and fill your seats. GroupTools can empower your business to exceed sales goals, maximize revenue, and reach new audiences effortlessly through integration with AudienceView Unlimited.

Features You Can Count On

Effortless Event Creation
GroupTools simplifies the event creation process by pulling in the details of an AudienceView Unlimited Order and automatically generating an event. The event and order remain linked so changes you make to the order in AudienceView flow through to GroupTools keeping the order and event always in sync. Add your group leaders to the event, empowering them to succeed and expand your group sales network. GroupTools even facilitates promotion of these events directly within the platform.
Streamlined Payment Collection
With GroupTools' seamless payment integration with AudienceView, individual attendees can now purchase their own tickets, making group sales accessible to a broader audience. This relieves group leaders of financial responsibility for the entire group, allowing attendees to effortlessly add and invite their own guests for organic sales growth on behalf of the venue.
Time-Saving Seat Assignments
Say goodbye to manual seat assignments. GroupTools saves you valuable time with automatic seat assignments, prioritizing contiguous group seating and avoiding orphaned single seats. Customer information is seamlessly passed to AudienceView, creating customer records and linking them to their admissions for efficient seat assignment in both systems.
Efficient Group Ticket Distribution
Embrace the digital era with ease. GroupTools pulls in your QR codes or barcodes from AudienceView and creates digital tickets, simplifying the distribution process. Bid farewell to cumbersome group ticketing and welcome a streamlined approach to distributing individual tickets to each purchaser.
Data Driven Descision Making
Empower your decision-making process with real-time data and insights. The integration provides a comprehensive overview of your group sales. Monitor group leader activity, track performance, and gain valuable insights into your audience's preferences to refine your future strategies.

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