GroupTools for Broadway Inbound

Planning a group trip to Broadway? Make it easy with GroupTools, your one-stop shop for organizing, promoting, and managing your Broadway Inbound event.

Forward Your Invoice

Upon confirmation of your requested tickets, Broadway Inbound will send you an invoice. Locate this invoice in your email and effortlessly forward it to: [email protected]

Through our behind-the-scenes magic, your invoice will be transformed into an event. You'll be notified by our Success Team and voilà you can customize your event to fit your needs.

Send Invitations

With your event setup complete, you can effortlessly add and invite group members to attend your event. You can import your attendees from Google, a Spreadsheet, or you can manually add them.

Send customized invitations to your group attendees. Additionally, consider sharing your event on social media platforms to broaden its reach and engagement.

Collect Payments

Connect seamlessly with your PayPal Account to confidently and securely collect PayPal, Venmo, Pay Later, and Credit/Debit Card payments online for your event.

Keep track of payments received and balances due effortlessly, and utilize our automated system to send payment reminders,


Simplify your next trip to the Great White Way and Let GroupTools be your backstage pass to hassle-free group adventures!