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  • January 14, 2020
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Group event planners have a full plate. With so many moving parts involved in the planning process for group events, even the most seasoned planners are bound to experience some pain points along the way. Knowing this, we built GroupTools to simplify the process for planners just like you. With tools for registering and communicating with attendees, collecting payments online, and much much more, planning and managing your events in GroupTools is already easy, but we wanted to make it even easier with group event templates. 

So, we’re introducing ready made templates that let you fast-forward through the creation process and jump right into your events. We’re bringing you group event templates for group travel, businesses, schools, churches, scout groups and more! Just pick a template, edit the content to match your group info, and you're ready to go!

We don’t want to keep you waiting on this great new feature so, we’ve put together a selection of three templates right here in our blog to give you a sneak peak and get you started - simply click on an image below to view a live preview of each of the group event templates...

Template Request Form

Complete this form to have an event from your selected template(s) loaded onto your GroupTools Account.

Not sure what to book to fill your template event? Visit our Group Experiences Catalog to discover some great group friendly attractions and restaurants or visit our Partners, Broadway Inbound and HotelPlanner for Broadway Show Tickets and Lodging!

Don’t see a template that’s right for your event? Contact our Customer Success Team to share your template idea and you may just see it featured on our website or blog.

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