Plan your next group experience with GroupTools.

Getting started is fast, fun and easy. We take the mystery out of group event planning. Build and launch your group event from the ground up.

Create custom surveys

It all starts with an idea. Not sure where to go or what to do? Survey your group!

Deeper event planning allows you to survey your group members, enabling you to make better informed decisions when you create your itinerary.

  • Build a custom survey
  • Add or import your contacts
  • Customize the survey invitation and send it to participants
  • View the responses as they come in
  • Create an event from your survey

Start planning your group event

Whether in the office or on the go, you’ll gain full insight to
your event and guests.

Easily create events and add activities & add-ons.

  • Customize your event and tailor it for attendees
  • Add as many activities and add-ons for your event as you want
  • Set the price of each activity, track the available capacity on each feature throughout the life cycle of the event.
  • Create invitations and craft them for attendees

Fill up your event with attendees

It's a breeze to monitor attendee RSVP's.

Instantly see up-to-the-second tallies on attendance to your event.

  • Manage attendee plus-one settings and whether your members can forward an invitation to a friend.
  • Remind invitees who have responded “tentative” to update their status
  • Follow up with those who’ve declined
  • Send payment reminders, activity updates, or just a note to keep your members updated.

Collect payments from your groups

Connect to one of our partner providers and capture event
payments immediately.

Accept secure online payments

  • Trusted 3rd party payment providers. Secure payment gateway support including WePay and Stripe
  • View and track incoming payments
  • Send reminders for balances due

Use GroupTools

Use the tools that will help you organize your events more efficiently and effectively. Getting started has never been easier.

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