Empire State Building

Discover the heart of New York! Welcome to the world-famous Empire State Building. Located in the center of Midtown Manhattan, our 86th and 102nd floor observatories provide unforgettable 360° views of New York City and beyond. Whether you’re in town for a week or a day, no visit to NYC is complete without experiencing the top of the Empire State Building.

  • Educational

What you’ll do

When you come to the Empire State Building, you won’t just be visiting NYC – you’ll become a part of it as you take it all in together.

Immerse yourself in the making of an icon as you take our interactive elevator to the top. Emerge onto our open-air 86th floor Observatory with all of NYC at your feet, and no glass in the way to obstruct your views. See as far as 5 states away as you make your way to our 102nd floor Observatory, offering even higher-level views over a thousand feet in the air.

There’s no better place to start exploring NYC.

Plan your visit

We welcome tour groups, school field trips and corporate outings.

Groups Below 20

Groups of 20 or More

Where is it

Located at 20 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001, everyone in the world knows how to find the Empire State Building! Just come to New York City and look up!


  • The Empire State Building is minutes by foot from all of midtown Manhattan.
Public Transit
  • 34th St-6th Ave (B, D, F, V, N, Q, R, W)
  • 33rd St-Park Ave (6)
  • 33rd Street (PATH)


  • The closest garage is located on 33rd Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway, across the street from the building.


  • Observatory visitors should enter through our visitors’ center at 20 W. 34th St.
  • Other entrances on 34th and 33rd Streets are reserved for tenants and their visitors.

Hours & Schedule

You can visit us every day of the year, even on holidays! We’re open every day, 365 days a year, rain or shine from 8AM to 2AM.

No two visits to The Empire State Building are alike. Depending on the time, day, or season of your arrival you’ll be treated to a different perspective on the city. Standing on the Observation Deck in the middle of a snowstorm can be every bit as exhilarating as a New York sunset.

  • Morning: Arrive at 8AM when the Observatories open to beat the crowds and start your day off on a spectacular foot.
  • Afternoon: Walkable from many Midtown attractions, a visit to our Observatories is a great way to break up a day full of sight seeing and shopping. Try to come during meal times to avoid crowds. Don’t worry about any wait, our Multi-media handheld device (included with your ticket) will keep you entertained and informed as you go through our Sustainability and Dare to Dream exhibits.
  • Night: Many are surprised to find out that the Empire State Building is open until 2AM every night, the last elevator up is 1:15AM! A late night visit to our Observatories, whether after dinner or into the early morning hours to catch the illuminated skyline, will be a highlight of your trip. For some real romance, come Thursday through Saturday, 9PM – 1AM to catch our live saxophonist. Yes, he takes requests.

Things to keep in mind

General Visitor Information

How long does a typical visit take? Is there a time limit?
There are no time limits or specified visiting windows. You should allow at least one hour for your visit, and slightly more if you will be visiting both the main deck and the top deck. During peak visiting hours, especially in the warmer months, there may be extended waits to buy tickets and enter the elevators.

Is there a tour? An audio guide?
Yes, a free multimedia tour APP is included with every admission to the Empire State Building. Download the APP for free from either the Apple Store or Google Play, or connect once on-site via our free Wi-Fi.

What amenities are available at the top? Is there a restroom?

  • Restrooms are available on the 86th Floor only.
  • We offer powerful binoculars to take in the unobstructed views in every direction.
  • There is no restaurant or concession on the observations decks, but there’s a lot of food to choose from on the main concourse at the lobby level, and there is a Walgreen’s at the end of the Observatory tour.

Accessibility Information

  • The Empire State Building is fully ADA compliant. We have handicapped restrooms on the 86th Floor Observatory and also have lowered viewing walls and binoculars.
  • Service dogs are allowed throughout the building.
  • Motorized and non-motorized wheelchairs are permitted.
  • The 86th Floor has ramps to make getting around easier and lowered viewing walls so that visitors in chairs can still take in the view. The 102nd Floor currently has a higher wall, but we are working to make it more accessible to all our visitors.

Safety Information

What security precautions do you take?
There is active, 24/7 security at the Empire State Building. All you will notice is the primary security screening, similar to airport security procedure. Please keep in mind you will be monitored by cameras and other means throughout your entire visit.

What items are prohibited?
The items listed are not permitted in the Empire State Building. Do not carry any of these items into the security screening area. Items that are confiscated may not be returned. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, so if you are unsure about an item, please do not bring it. Any questions and uncertainties should be referred to the Security Officers on duty.

  • All weapons, including firearms, ammunition, knives, swords, scissors, mace, any dangerous items and any dual-use items that could be dangerous are strictly prohibited in the Empire State Building.
  • Glass items, including bottles, glasses, marbles, etc.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cans, bottles, flasks, etc.
  • Professional cameras, equipment and camera stands: mono-pods, bi-pods and tri-pods
  • Sports equipment such as skateboards, roller skates, golf clubs, baseball bats, hockey sticks, baseballs, footballs, tennis balls, etc.
  • Marking instruments, including spray paint and markers
  • Musical instruments
  • Large packages, suitcases, carry-on luggage and other such parcels.
  • Costumes and masks

My firearm is licensed. Can I bring it?
Your firearm will be seized and you will be arrested unless you are a member of the following law enforcement agencies:

  • New York City Police Department
  • New York State Police
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • United States Secret Service
  • United States Department of State